• The First Humans in Sunriver, Oregon

    Explore the first people in Sunriver Look down at your feet. Are you wearing shoes? Maybe it’s a pair of boots you wear to get around in six inches of snow. Perhaps it’s a pair of heels you like because they’ve got style and are just the right height. Maybe it’s a pair of slippers […]

  • Explore Volcanoes in Sunriver

    To say that Sunriver’s history started with a bang would be an understatement. The story of this much-loved resort community south of Bend began with millions of bangs that shook the world, built mountains, and left massive craters during a volcanic period that lasted thousands of years. Sunriver sits alongside a portion of the 700-mile […]

  • Newberry Crater: Your Guide to a Winter Outing

    Photo Cred: US Forest Service Have you heard of the Newberry National Volcanic Monument? No? You’re not alone. Thankfully, this beautiful and geologically diverse area is still under the radar when it comes to winter visitors. The trip into the Newberry Crater, from 10-mile Sno-Park to Paulina Lake just so happens to be one of […]

  • Top Desert Destinations Near Sunriver, Oregon

    Pack a picnic, and take your family to these hotspots during your spring break in Sunriver, Oregon Spring can be an interesting time of year for mountain towns: Businesses and tourism slows down, the weather is variable, and a collective quiet settles over our little community. What many people don’t know is that spring is […]

  • Spending Summer in Sunriver

    It may still be winter, but that means it’s the perfect time to start planning your summer vacation in Sunriver. If you’re interested in visiting Sunriver, then you’ve probably already done some research. You know that there are gorgeous views, countless trails, and a plethora of places to eat and drink. You can find more […]

  • 2020 Holiday Vacation: Your Ultimate Booking Guide

    If you have anything in common with most other Americans right now, you’re feeling the bite of the travel bug and the resulting insatiable wander-itch. We at Cascara have seen this first-hand: We’ve been booked solid ever since the green light was given for overnight stays in our gorgeous little town of Sunriver, Oregon. In […]

  • Winter in Sunriver and Central Oregon

    When you think about where you may want to spend your winter months, central Oregon is probably not the first place that pops into your head. Even if you are the type of person who would rather be in a colder place than a warmer one in winter, when you are brainstorming snowy getaway spots, […]

  • Six Hot Tips for New Investment Property Owners in Sunriver, Oregon

    If you’re thinking about purchasing an investment property in Sunriver or you already have, you’re probably wondering how you can recoup your investment and make your new home-away-from-home stand out to potential guests. There are many things that you can do to make sure your space is vacation-worthy to strangers and maximize your investment. We’ve […]

  • Why We Love Sunriver

    Sunriver, Oregon, is a resort town in the Deschutes River valley, a snaky watershed that divides the Eastern Cascades volcanic zone from the high desert in the east. It’s a dry landscape, dotted from the air with those surreal circular crop fields that look like the work of UFOs. To the west, the Deschutes National […]

  • Vacation Rental Decorating: 10 Tips To Stand Out

    As we are working toward re-opening the state and the travel business, this is a great time to think about how to improve your property and maximize the value. If you want to have a hotly-demanded property that is always booked up and making money, your property will have to stand out in a crowded […]