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  • Buying A Vacation Rental During a Cooling Real Estate Market

    If you are looking to buy a vacation rental but are wondering if today’s cooling real estate market is the right time, there’s great news: The timing is still good! Even with today’s higher interest rates and the rising prices of food, home goods, oil, and gas due to labor shortages and ongoing world events, […]

  • Sunriver: Oregons Winter Wonderland

    Most people who visit Sunriver, Oregon, are aware of how popular our little town is to visit in the summer. The streets are packed with tourists from around the country and even the world. However, as the leaves fall and the snow slowly floats in, the tourists seem to make their way out. It’s a […]

  • Your Dog Friendly Vacation in Central Oregon

    It’s difficult to imagine a better travel companion than man’s (and woman’s!) best friend. Dogs are excellent shotgun riders; in fact, there’s probably nothing that would make them happier than sitting next to you with their snout out the car window. There’s definitely something special about traveling with your dog — even a rest stop […]