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  • Top Desert Destinations Near Sunriver, Oregon

    Pack a picnic, and take your family to these hotspots during your spring break in Sunriver, Oregon Spring can be an interesting time of year for mountain towns: Businesses and tourism slows down, the weather is variable, and a collective quiet settles over our little community. What many people don’t know is that spring is […]

  • New Program: Special Sunriver Local Offers for Renters

    Cascara Vacation Rentals is more than a vacation rental company. Our guests benefit from free activities in and around the Sunriver area, helping you make the most of your stay here. We know Sunriver well, and we know the best activities this beautiful area has to offer year-round. You get one free pass per person […]

  • Best Summer Day Trips in Sunriver, Oregon 

    Sunriver is home to gorgeous nature and ample activities, and summertime is the best time to enjoy them. But these benefits aren’t limited to Sunriver. Many activities and scenic sites are waiting to be explored outside of town.  Grab your camera and fuel up your car, as we head out to explore the best things […]

  • Family-Friendly Summer Activities in Sunriver, Oregon

    If you’re looking for a fun family summer activity, look no further than Sunriver, Oregon. There’s something for everyone here, from swimming and hiking to golfing, biking, and fishing. And the best part is that most of these activities are affordable and accessible to people of all ages.  Here are some of the top attractions […]

  • Explore the Best Fly Fishing Spots in Sunriver

    With world class fishing out your back door, there’s no time to waste. Book your short-term vacation rental and head outside to these exclusive hidden gems. Tyler Mason once watched two friends pull 20 fish out of the water on a Saturday-morning fly fishing trip that he led to the Crane Prairie Reservoir. He said […]

  • Ladies Day: Four Fun Things To Do With Your Friends in Sunriver, Oregon

    Here’s a statement that we can all agree on: family vacations are the best. Who doesn’t love an endless day playing in the sun, followed by lighthearted banter across a dinner table? Late-night talks, early-morning snuggles, and laughing under the stars brings every family closer together. But let’s get real for a second: vacations can […]

  • How To Make The Most of Your Sunriver Autumn Trip

    Fall is a time in Sunriver that is especially close to the locals’ hearts, and for good reason: The weather cools, the crowds disperse, and the mosquitos disappear. Most visitors this time of year don’t come for the fall colors. Locals say not to expect a sea of reds, oranges, and yellows like the scenes […]