Category: History Lessons

  • Explore the History of Sunriver Resort

    Made of stone and logs cut near the property, the Great Hall at the Sunriver Resort is more than just an impressive building— it’s a part of history. This building used to be the officer’s mess hall at Camp Abbot and is the only original structure still standing. During World War II, Camp Abbot was […]

  • Explore Sunrivers Explorers

    Peter Skene Ogden found himself in a bit of a pickle in 1821. The Hudson Bay Company had merged with Ogden’s employer, the North West Company, and his new bosses were a bit upset that he had butchered one of their men “in a most cruel manner” five years prior. Ogden sailed to London to […]

  • The First Humans in Sunriver, Oregon

    Explore the first people in Sunriver Look down at your feet. Are you wearing shoes? Maybe it’s a pair of boots you wear to get around in six inches of snow. Perhaps it’s a pair of heels you like because they’ve got style and are just the right height. Maybe it’s a pair of slippers […]

  • Explore Volcanoes in Sunriver

    To say that Sunriver’s history started with a bang would be an understatement. The story of this much-loved resort community south of Bend began with millions of bangs that shook the world, built mountains, and left massive craters during a volcanic period that lasted thousands of years. Sunriver sits alongside a portion of the 700-mile […]

  • The History of Sunriver, Oregon

    If you have ever vacationed in beautiful Sunriver, Oregon, and the surrounding area, you have likely been blown away by the region’s stunning landscape, as well as the fantastic vacation and resort-style amenities the towns of Sunriver and nearby Bend can provide for visitors. Sunriver is such an ideal getaway spot, it may be difficult […]