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  • Why You Should Stay in Sunriver Instead of Bend for Your Central Oregon Vacation

    Sunriver and Bend are near each other, and both offer easy access to the beautiful nature that Central Oregon is known for, but they are different in key ways that can significantly impact your next trip.  Here are a few of the top benefits of Sunriver worth remembering.  Sunriver Is Smaller, Quieter, and More Peaceful […]

  • The 8 Best Restaurants in Sunriver

    Sunriver is known for its spectacular scenery and outdoor recreation, but it also serves up a broad range of delicious meals to satisfy any taste and budget. This area has everything from casual cafés and brewpubs to fine dining, and in this article, we introduce you to a few of the best.   The Food at […]

  • Things to Do in Sunriver During Christmas

    During winter, the mind fills with thoughts of falling snow, warm fires, tasty food, tantalizing drinks, and equally tempting gifts under the tree. Yes, December is truly a magical time of year.  You can experience the season’s magic here in Sunriver, Oregon. This area is renowned for its scenic beauty and fun outdoor activities throughout […]

  • Activities During Thanksgiving in Sunriver

    Sunriver Thanksgiving Activities in 2022  If you plan to spend Thanksgiving in Sunriver, you are in for a treat —and we don’t just mean tasty food. The city and surrounding areas offer numerous activities to ring in Turkey Day that the whole family will love. You can also still enjoy many of the regular activities […]

  • Fall Family Activities in Sunriver, Oregon

    It’s hard not to love Sunriver in autumn. You have a chance to enjoy its picturesque nature and fun-filled activities with cooler temperatures and fewer crowds. You also get to watch the leaves change color and indulge in special events that only occur at this time of year.   This article lays out the top activities […]

  • Sunriver FAQs

    Where Is Sunriver Oregon Located? Sunriver is a residential and resort community located 15 miles south of Bend, Oregon. It sits within Deschutes County on the eastern side of the Deschutes River. The town contains and is surrounded by eye-catching natural and human-made scenery and offers plenty of activities for people of all ages, making […]

  • Buying A Vacation Rental During a Cooling Real Estate Market

    If you are looking to buy a vacation rental but are wondering if today’s cooling real estate market is the right time, there’s great news: The timing is still good! Even with today’s higher interest rates and the rising prices of food, home goods, oil, and gas due to labor shortages and ongoing world events, […]

  • Explore the History of Sunriver Resort

    Made of stone and logs cut near the property, the Great Hall at the Sunriver Resort is more than just an impressive building— it’s a part of history. This building used to be the officer’s mess hall at Camp Abbot and is the only original structure still standing. During World War II, Camp Abbot was […]

  • Best Golfing Near Sunriver, Oregon

    Sunriver is known for gorgeous scenic beauty ranging from mountains to forests, volcano rocks, rivers, lakes, wetlands, and clear, starry skies – but that’s not all it offers. Sunriver also has ample activities the whole family can enjoy, including kayaking, standup paddling, hiking, horseback riding, and water rafting, just to name a few. One activity […]

  • Explore Sunrivers Explorers

    Peter Skene Ogden found himself in a bit of a pickle in 1821. The Hudson Bay Company had merged with Ogden’s employer, the North West Company, and his new bosses were a bit upset that he had butchered one of their men “in a most cruel manner” five years prior. Ogden sailed to London to […]